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Learn about the hua parakore system of food production for Kai Atua (pure food) that is run by Papawhakaritorito Trust and Te Waka Kai Ora (National Māori Organics Authority).

The course is an introduction for anyone interested in Māori organics. It is also a requirement for those who are undertaking the hua parakore verification process 

Hua parakore is an Indigenous validation and verification system, based on mātauranga, tikanga and te reo, and drawn from the wisdom of our tupuna. 

This online course is packed full of instructional videos and a beautiful course booklet.

It costs $345. All proceeds from this course are reinvested in the hua parakore system.

What is hua parakore?

Hua parakore supports Māori producers to tell a kaupapa Māori story about their food production. Hua parakore is not a standard, the system has values that combine mātauranga Māori, tikanga and key organic principles. 

Another way to think about hua parakore is growing Kai Atua, or pure food. This means everything we put into the māra is traceable - there is no exposure to any contaminant including GMOs. Hua parakore products are grown safely and in harmony with nature. 


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