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Our Indigenous-led online courses are live and ready for you to sign up to today to enjoy learnin all about how to take care of your garden. These online courses are founded in kaupapa (principles and values) of hua parakore (Māori organics). Learn about Indigenous food and soil sovereignty, practical growing techniques and how you can grow mauri-rich (life giving) food for your family and community. 

Introduction to growing clean kai for your whānau

This online gardening course includes all the basics about how to start your māra. From growing veggies to composting to saving seeds and creating healthy soil. If you would like to learn how to grow clean kai for your whānau, you are invited join this course now. Learn at your own pace with our expert support. 

Cost: $295

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Introduction to Hua Parakore food production course 

Join our online course and learn about the Hua Parakore system of food production for Kai Atua (pure food) that is run by Te Waka Kai Ora (National Māori Organics Authority). The course is a prerequisite for those who are interested in the Hua Parakore verification process. Proceeds from this course are reinvested in the Hua Parakore system. 

Cost: $345

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Māori soil sovereignty course

Join our online course and learn about the politics of Māori soil sovereignty and the many ways you can elevate the mana of Hineahuone.

Approx cost: $295

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